XO Baking Co – Product Review

Disclaimer: This is not a paid product review. Product was sampled at the Natural Products Expo. All opinions expressed within are entirely my own.

So here goes – our first product review! And I saved the best for first… or rather I’m starting with a product that just blew my mind! I can’t stop raving about it… I want everyone to know about it. So – here it is: a brand new company called XO Baking Company! Lindsey over at XO Baking Company knows her stuff, and has put together a great array of gluten free mixes for our eating pleasure! These include: Banana Bread (so moist and amazingly delicious), Corn Bread (heavenly!), Fudge Brownies (I could go on and on…), and your choice of delectable cookies – from Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip to Gingerbread! Look at the pictures of her products below, and you’ll see exactly what I mean! And she also has an All-Purpose Flour Blend that can be used 1:1 in most recipes calling for wheat flour! I can’t wait to play with that!

I'm salivating just looking at these delectable Fudge Brownies

Don't you just love cornbread?

Just one of XO Baking Company's amazing 3 flavors of cookies available!

When I met Lindsey and her remarkable products at the Natural Products Expo West in LA, I was just about sugared out… taste testing so many products over the course of a very long weekend can put you in a sugar coma. You can only handle so much! However, after talking with her and her lovely co-exhibitors for awhile, I finally gave in and tried some of her cornbread. WOW! I proceeded to taste every single sample she had available, and even took a second sampling of the cornbread!

Now – let me tell you what a feat Miss Lindsey has achieved. I love to bake! Before going gluten free, I would occasionally bake with a mix when I was in a pinch. Since then, NEVER! I’ve tried a couple here and there, but they all taste like they came from a box. They don’t have that fresh from the oven, melt in your mouth taste – they have after tastes, weird flavors, textures. Not XO Baking Company! I will definitely be buying some of these mixes – the taste is too amazing not to! And the texture, and the moist goodness! Okay, I could go on and on…

So, what are these products made of, you may ask? I’ll let Lindsey do the talking on this one! Here is an excerpt from XO Baking Company’s website:

Our mixes are 100% gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, and made with brown rice and organic coconut flour. Coconut is now gaining a lot of popularity because of its health benefits. Coconut contains lauric acid, which helps protect us against bacteria and viruses that cause illness. Coconut is also known to boost energy, improve digestion support thyroid function, and improve bowel function – it contains tons of fiber! In addition to the baking mixes, we have created a Multi-Purpose Flour, which can be used 1:1 for most recipes calling for all purpose (wheat) flour.

Let me tell you, the blend that she has created is absolutely delectable! The only down-side to these amazing products – you have to wait until May to be able to purchase them! Bummer, but Lindsey is working hard to get all of her certifications (GF and kosher) finalized and firming up everything with her manufacturer, and hopefully we will be able to start seeing her product in stores some time in May! I can hardly wait!

To learn more about Lindsey and her story, check out her blog post from 1/6/11. Until May, we’ll just have to drool over her pictures!

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4 Responses to XO Baking Co – Product Review

  1. Jack Boreenstein says:

    In addition to a product that sounds simply wonderful and one which I can’t wait to try, I want to tell you about the National Sales Manager, Louis Levy, who I have known for close to 40 years. Louis is one of the most capable, ethical and hard working people you will ever run across in the business world. His word is his bond. I personally trained Louis for over a year when he was first starting out in sales and, later on, was his sales manager so I have a very good assessment of his talents. You will find that he will always have your best interest foremost in his mind when dealing with you so you can trust him completely to help you grow your business and customer base. Enjoy!

  2. Val says:

    I was curious if these products have hit stores yet? Or can you buy them online? Thanks

    • Hi Val –
      If you are in SoCal, their products are available at Mother’s Market as well as at the Whole Foods in Torrance. If not, they are available online at http://www.xobaking.com. They are currently having a Valentine’s Day sale as well until the 14th with 15% off online orders. Enter coupon code XOValentine at checkout, for discount to apply. They also have free shipping on orders of 6 or more baking mixes.
      Let us know what you think. When I still ate grains, I loved her cornbread mix, her brownies, and her banana bread! Her cookies are amazing too. Okay, so I loved them all!
      Lil’ Sis

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