No Nuttin’ Foods Review – Granola and Trail Mix

This is a long overdue review…  I guess life sometimes gets in the way of good intentions. I meant to get this out a few weeks ago, and here it is, the first week of May, and I am finally getting to it.

We two sisters had the pleasure of meeting Alana Elliott from No Nuttin’ Foods, Inc. at the Natural Products Expo in LA in March where we got to sample her awesome products – trail mixes, granolas and granola bars. It was great to sit and chat with her about creating a product, her story, and some of the differences between manufacturing in the US and Canada, where she hails from.

Alana, her husband and both of their daughters have had to deal with allergies, environmental sensitivities or food allergies, and when their daughters began school, Alana decided that it was time to create a safe, natural and healthy snack for her girls and their classmates. Thus, No Nuttin’ Foods was created. In 2004, she began creating the first allergy friendly granola bars, and in 2007, she started using gluten free oats to cater to the gluten free community as well. In 2010, No Nuttin’s granola bars were served at the Vancouver Olympics and featured on the Martha Stewart Show. All of No Nuttin’ Foods products are gluten free, dairy free, tree nut free, egg free and sulfite free. They are also GMO free and contain no trans fats.

Well, after that great meeting, Alana sent us their four latest products to review, and I am happy to say that they did not disappoint. No Nuttin’ has two new trail mixes, Berry Delight and Fruit Explosion, and two new granolas, Blueberry Maple and Cranberry Apple. It was great to be able to taste and compare all four products.

Starting with the Trail Mixes… I am a big fan of trail mix. I do a lot of hiking during the summer, usually averaging between 20 and 30 miles each week, so I eat a lot of trail mix (and lots of other food as well!). I usually make my own trail mix, and every time it comes out different depending on what flavors I am craving when I make it. That being said, the two No Nuttin’ trail mixes were very refreshing. My favorite was the Berry Delight. A very simple mix or dried berries, lightly salted sunflower seeds and tiny chocolate chips. The perfect mix of salty, sweet and crunchy. I am not nut free, and I prefer a larger variety of nuts in my trail mixes, but I really enjoyed the simplicity of this mix, and at $6.99 for a 6 oz. bag, I would definitely purchase this for some of my backpacking trips. The Fruit Explosion mix had really good flavor, but for me, it felt like it was missing something. After really thinking about it, I realized it was because it didn’t have the salty flavor that I crave in my trail mixes. But – with no added salt, this is a great option for people who need to be more conscious of their salt intake.

On to the Granolas – again, No Nuttin’ has released two new flavors. I started with the Blueberry Maple. We grew up in Wisconsin, and every spring we would make maple syrup with friends, and we literally would go through gallons of maple syrup every year. Even with that, the maple sweetness in this granola was a little overpowering. Overall it was a very good mix of flavors and textures. When I moved on to the Cranberry Apple, I fell in love with the subtleness and beautiful melding of flavors. This mix has a much lighter sweetness, and the apple flavor permeates every morsel. Add to that a wonderful mix of crunchy and chewy, and you have a wonderful granola! I ate this on its own, with coconut yogurt, with fruit, and my favorite – homemade pomegranate applesauce with Cranberry Apple granola and fresh berries. Awesome!

No Nuttin's Cranberry Apple Granola with Pomegranate Applesauce and Fresh Berries! Yum!

Overall, I really liked the fact that all of the dried fruits that No Nuttin’ uses are sweetened with fruit juice and are not sulfured. That lets me know that they are really thinking about health and flavor and minimizing potential allergens. All of their products are also non-GMO. The only downfall for me is that all of their products state that they may contain soy, and some of them use soybean oil in the product.

Go on over to No Nuttin’ Foods website to check out their products and where you can purchase them in the US. They even have an independent dietician’s report on their products. Enjoy!

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