Adopt a GF Blogger: Karina of Gluten Free Goddess

I was initially a little bit intimidated by adopting Karina over at Gluten Free Goddess. Why, you may ask? Well, she’s a goddess! Isn’t that enough? But, after I tried making her Gluten Free English Muffin recipe, I had to share them with our readers and would like to share them with the entire gluten free world!

Fresh from the oven and so hard to resist

I have made these beauties at least a dozen times already, and have even gotten my Mom making them almost once a week as well! (My husband tried as well, but he and yeast don’t seem to get along, so I guess it remains my “job” to make them!) Right now I am on an anti-candida diet, and I still make them almost once a week, because my husband loves them so much, I love seeing the smile on his face when he walks into the kitchen after work and sees a new batch of these muffins cooling on the wire rack!

Look at that light fluffy texture

So – if you can’t tell, I love these English Muffins! They have great flavor, are so light and airy, and really quite versatile. We’ve had them with everything from breakfast sandwiches to soup to venison BBQ. My husband even grabs one every once in awhile when I’m not looking and takes them as snacks to work! I even have a little stash in my freezer.

On to the next recipe! It was so hard making a decision which one to pick next. Since I am doing the anti-candida diet thing, I couldn’t pick a dessert (HUGE bummer, because Karina has some really tasty looking ones!), so I decided the next one would be a soup. I love southwestern flavors and especially love roasted green chilies, so I decided on the New Mexican Stew with Ground Turkey and Green Chilies.

All the warmth and flavors of the Southwest

What a beautiful meal – a great meld of flavors, especially the slight sweetness of the squash with the gorgeous flavors of chilies. I could have done with a little more spice, but overall an awesome soup that I will definitely be making again!

And last, but not least, I just had to try this Artichoke and Jalapeno Savory Pie! One look at the picture said “Bake me, please!”

What a gorgeous tasty meal!

I wasn’t able to follow this recipe exactly to the T, as I wanted to use what I had on hand, so I used coconut milk in place of the yogurt/cream cheese, and I used some Nooodles, which are a yam starch based noodle. And the result! Delectable delight! I loved getting the baked tomato flavor with each bite, though I think I would have liked it even better with the cream cheese (but I’m dairy and soy free), and I think I would like to add some thinly sliced asparagus in addition to the artichokes. But – my husband ate an entire quarter of the pan for dinner, so I think it was a success. And it was so gorgeous coming out of the oven.

You pull that out of the oven when there are guests around, and they will be in awe!

I will definitely be going back to test more of the Gluten Free Goddess’ recipes in the near future, and can’t wait until I can have sweets again so I can test out some of her desserts and other baked goods!

Update: If you love finding and experimenting with all these great gluten free recipes and would like to adopt your very own gluten-free blogger: every month gluten-free bloggers choose and make their favorite bloggers’ recipe(s) and blog about their experience. It all started with Book of Yum and is being hosted this month by Z’s Cup of Tea. Follow the link for Z’s Cup of Tea and sign up to adopt your favorite blogger today!


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4 Responses to Adopt a GF Blogger: Karina of Gluten Free Goddess

  1. Karina says:

    Lovely! Thank you for your kind words- and for rustling up some beautiful versions of my recipes. Cheers! Karina

  2. Zoe says:

    Great write-up! Would you update this post with a link back to my post so that others can find out more about this event and also participate? Thanks! If you could also please comment on that post with a link to your adoption post so that others can read about your experience and email me with your photo of the recipe, the URL of your post, name of the recipe, and the URL of the adopted blogger’s original post that would be super!

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