A Glowing Review – Glow Gluten Free!

These last two weeks have been insane! I have never wanted
to spend more time in bed and not be able to! A new job, husband gone for training, then he gets back and the in-laws come to visit. Now a quick couple days off, and back to work again.

But – the highlight! During my second day back on the job, a beautiful package arrived on my desk… a package from Glow Gluten Free… containing wonderful, amazing cookies! I couldn’t wait to open them. But I couldn’t open them at work because then I’d have to share. Oh bummer. It would have to wait. I knew that I wanted to give these cookies my full attention, so they ended up waiting almost a week before I was finally able to pry into the gorgeous packaging on these goodies!

But first, let me tell you about Glow Gluten Free. We Two Sisters were fortunate enough to meet Jill Brack and her husband at the Natural
Products Expo in Anaheim back in March. We were so sugared out, that it was hard to sample another GF cookie (or chocolate, or biscuit… the list goes on!) But boy, am I glad we did! They were wonderful – great flavor, nice crunchy texture, and not overly sweet either. Jill was nice enough to send us both home with a package of cookies, which were then promptly shared with fellow GF friends!
And then, lo and behold, we got this wonderful package in the mail, and now I get to review them ALL for you!

While I don’t love it when people are diagnosed with celiac disease, I love Jill’s story! Jill started Glow Gluten Free after her daughter Stella was diagnosed with celiac disease. Stella didn’t like bringing store-bought gluten free treats to schools or parties, because they tasted yucky and they looked super healthy. So Jill started baking! She landed on a recipe that tasted good and had some nutritional value packed in from the chickpeas! Then you add in the adorable packaging, and you have a recipe for success! To this day, Stella’s non-GF friends ask to come over to their house after school for milk and cookies! Now doesn’t that bring a smile to your face!

But – enough of that! On to the cookies!

I was so excited to share these cookies with someone, that I ended up taking them over to our neighbors house (who just happens to be GF as well!), and she and her 6 year-old daughter and I proceeded to taste test each of the flavors and vote on our favorites. The results?

Double Chocolate Chip – 2: Gingersnaps – 1!

Surprisingly, it was the 6 year old who voted for the gingersnaps! I have to say that I really love the Double Chocolate Chip, but then again, I am a chocolate fanatic.

The Double Chocolate Chip cookies just sang on my taste buds! It was really hard to pick a second place. They Snickerdoodles tasted absolutely wonderful, the Gingersnaps were full of gingery lusciousness, and the Chocolate Chip cookies were juse delightful. How do you choose between those?


What I love about these cookies is that not only are they gluten free, but they are also casein, trans-fat and preservative free. But, that
really isn’t what I love about these tasty delights – They taste great! I am usually a fan of soft cookies, but whatever you are craving, these will fit the bill. Jill recommended that I try them dunked in So Delicious Coconut Milk, which I just happened to have on hand (always!), so I took her recommendation. They soften up perfectly, and just melt in your mouth! So – soft or crunchy, you can get your fill! I still have a couple left that I have been saving for special moments when I am craving something sweet… I don’t know if they will last very long, but I will definitely savor every bite!

My only complaint, I can’t find them locally (or even semi-locally when I visit my sister down in San Diego), and although you can
buy them over at Glutenfree.com, the shipping adds a pretty penny that is hard to dish out sometimes! I guess I’ll just have to see if my local health food store will start carrying them!

And one more thing! I have always been a fan of MadLibs, and it looks like Jill is too! Each package has its own MadLib pertaining to the cookies; there is even one on Jill’s business card. I love how she has thought of all the fun things to include in each package of goodness!

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2 Responses to A Glowing Review – Glow Gluten Free!

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks for sharing my review of Glow Gluten Free Cookies! We love them! 🙂

  2. Debbie says:

    I agree. Discovering Glow Gluten Free cookies was truly a godsend – and that’s not overstating!

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