Life IS Relationship – Food & Money

I wrote this a year ago, yet it still reverberates through my life today… so I’m compelled to share it with you here to serve as a reminder to myself to be grateful for what I have and to open to receiving abundance in my life!

I’ve been spending a good deal of time reflecting on Relationship!  Essentially, Life IS Relationship!  We cannot NOT be in relationship. Relationship to Self, to Body, to Others, to our Environment, to our Food, and on and on…

Thus, this has led to a realization for me regarding my own relationship to food and how it mirrors my relationship to money and abundance.  The easiest way to put it is: I’ve been living in a state of “Feast or Famine”.

As far as the money/abundance side of things goes, I’ve found myself saying the same thing in a few different ways over many years: “I always seem to have enough to get by… Even if I think I’m not going to make it, I always seem to pull through and have just enough.”  Seemingly innocent right!?! Well, I see now that this has perpetuated my living in a state of continual “just enough” rather than being able to fully open to abundance on all levels.  The Feast or Famine comes into play in the sense that there are times where I am feeling relatively successful and things are flowing and money is coming in and then ‘things’ come up and I end up back in a place of “just enough.”  On the famine side of things, I find myself wading in a sea of debt and not seeing the horizon, then maybe a life boat picks me up and I start to make some progress but never really reach the shore….

So how does this relate to my relationship with food?  Well, I think sometimes on a subconscious level there is this recording saying: “this is really good – you’d better eat a little more because, who knows, it might not be there tomorrow.”  Maybe sometimes it sounds like: “I don’t have the money to buy these foods so I better eat and enjoy them now because I know I won’t be getting them for myself anytime soon…”  Mind you, I am not actually saying this to myself, I’m not really sure what that voice is saying but these have a familiar tone anyway…  Feast or famine right!?

As I reflect on growing up I would probably say that we always seemed to have “just enough.”  We were never wealthy (in regard to actual money) nor were we completely impoverished, but I do recall times where money was a little tight and we would have to have powdered milk because we couldn’t quite afford a gallon of milk.  And sometimes my parents were in a more abundant place and could give us an opportunity to earn an allowance – this would usually only last a short time though.  You know, I truly don’t really remember being bothered by this… but who knows how I may have taken this into my being at that vulnerable of an age… and now, in my thirties, I’m reflecting on “just enough” once again… so what does all this mean and how do I move through this to a place where I can open myself fully to abundance on all levels and truly RECEIVE?

I believe the answer lies somewhere in that last word – RECEIVE.  Many of us consider ourselves Givers.  I know I consider myself one.  And what is often thought of as the opposite of Givers?  Takers, right!? Well maybe what we really need to do is change our perspective and our languaging around this and instead see the two sides of the spectrum as Givers and Receivers.  Both positive right!?  How many of you Givers out there really open yourself to truly Receive?  If I’m honest with myself, I don’t always receive what is being given to me. That is all about to Change!!!

So I’m willing to try on this new perspective and open myself to Receiving, to BEing in Abundance, to Knowing that I am Worthy of Everything that comes my way!  The more I practice this way of BEing the more natural it will BEcome!

Who wants to join me?

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