What going Paleo has meant for me…

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It has been over a month now that my husband and I have been doing the Paleo lifestyle. We have had our ups and downs, for sure, but I think we are over the main transition hurdles.

What has been the biggest hurdle? For me, it has been the sugar! My cravings have reduced A LOT, but when I give in (even with a more paleo-okay honey-based treat), I go all out. I eat and eat and give myself a massive stomach ache (and sore throat and swollen glands and an Attitude – yes, that is with a capital A).

Despite that hurdle, which I am still surmounting, I am amazed at what a difference I feel. In this process I’ve learned that I am sensitive to eggs (I mean, really???), but not when they are baked, only when cooked on the stove. [I read a great post about the reasoning behind this recently too!].

I feel thinner, happier, more fit and more sane! My blood sugar ups and downs have virtually disappeared, and my need to snack constantly has almost completely gone away! I am still experimenting with digestive enzymes, because I know I have low stomach acid, but it seems to be working, and hopefully I will be able to start weaning myself off the enzymes soon.

I have also noticed that I am losing weight in those places that I have always struggled with. I have always held weight in my thighs and upper arms, and no matter how much weight I have lost, those areas just seem to hold on to the fat! I don’t know if I’ve actually lost any weight (as I haven’t weighed myself in over 6 months!), but all of my clothes fit better, and I can see a difference (and others have too!). My thighs are shrinking – I never thought I would see this day come! and I no longer feel like I want to constantly hide my arms because of the chub hanging around up there!

But the biggest improvement, is that I finally feel like I have control over my eating again. My cravings don’t rule me. When we go out to eat, I don’t drool over the desserts, or wish I could have an alcoholic drink. I don’t even want it anymore. Most of the foods that once held sway over me don’t even look appealing anymore. And I LOVE it! I love feeling like I can eat healthy, be happy and look good, and not want the crap anymore! If only we could all get to that point…

Come back next week for my latest on sugar cravings… something way too many of us deal with!


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