Lil’ Sister’s Menu Plan for the Week of January 1

I am a busy person. I am starting a new job this week, which entails 2+ hours of commute time every day. On top of that, I am going to school, trying to keep up with this blog, and I CrossFit 4-6 times each week – while also trying to maintain a healthy, loving marriage! I don’t have all the time in the world to spend in the kitchen cooking gourmet food, but I really hate bland, boring food; and I really love knowing that the food I am eating is made with love and is nourishing my husband and me, and that it isn’t made with all kinds of extra additives and preservatives found in your typical convience foods. A few of these recipes will be for the crockpot, because I can work on them the night before, or in the morning and have a nice healthy hot meal waiting for me when I get home. The others have short prep times and cook times, so they should be fairly easy to put together when I get home from work.

So – with that said, here is my menu plan for the next week… I don’t have all of the breakfasts and lunches planned out, as most of them will be leftovers from previous dinners. I am also starting with a list of a few snacks that I am planning to make for the week for those times when I need a snack in between meals.

Snacks for the Week

  • Salmon Cakes (I will try to add a recipe for this… I’ve been making them for awhile, but have never written down a recipe!)
  • Bacon & Sweet Potato Salad
  • Sally’s Meaty Buns
  • Fresh seasonal fruit – apples, oranges
  • Macadamia nuts, walnuts, pistachios

Sunday Jan. 1

  • Breakfast – sautéed greens, mushrooms and Brussels sprouts with chicken andouille sausage (Trader Joe’s carries a bunch of gluten free sausages!)
  • Lunch – leftover Primal Beef Chili
  • Dinner – Roasted Chicken with Carrot Timbales (From Paleo Comfort Foods Cookbook)
    • I have a simple fall-back chicken roast recipe… I rub the chicken with olive oil or bacon grease and then season it with sea salt, ground pepper and garlic powder. Roast in the oven on 425 until done!





  • Breakfast – Sweet potato and sausage hash with sautéed greens
  • Dinner – Duck with Cherry Sauce (from the book Girl Hunter by Georgia Pellegrini) – my husband is making this, as he has the day off work, and really wanted to experiment with some game meats! Lucky me!



There you have it! No boring meals here! I obviously won’t be doing a whole lot of experimenting in the kitchen this week… Once I get a little more settled into my new job and schedule I will hopefully be able to play more in the kitchen!

If you want some more ideas on other menus or crockpot cooking ideas, check out these pages: PaleoMomRx, PaleoDietLifestyle, HollyWouldIfSheCould.

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2 Responses to Lil’ Sister’s Menu Plan for the Week of January 1

  1. Lovely week ahead for you! Looks delish; Happy New Year. xoxox

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