Check IN

Does this sound like an all too familiar statement, “Oh, I’ll start on Monday” or “I will start on the 1st of the month”? Well, I’m telling you NOW is the ONLY time to start!

If you don’t start, it’s certain you won’t arrive.

As you look upon the goals you’ve drafted for yourself, envision the ideal (and realistic) picture of your health and life, 6 months from today. Have you taken this into account in creating your goals? This is an opportunity to venture outside of that which you’ve always known. Create the life you’ve always wanted!

“Developing the confidence to pursue goals is one way that personal power becomes an agent of personal change.” – Caroline Myss

Revisiting Your Why

I’m repeating myself here, but you MUST consider your Why.

WHY - The Missing Piece

Your Why needs to be bigger than you. It should affect you on all levels and be in alignment with your personal core values.
If you have a BIG enough Why, nothing can get in your way of achieving your goals – not finances, not peer pressure, not temptations, not long work hours, not even that nagging voice in your head.

So, what do you want good health for?

What do you intend to do with this healthy body/being?

This isn’t about just “being thin” or “having more energy”… Truly consider what achieving these goals will bring to your life. What will get you through those times when you’re too tired or just not sure what to do, when you’re traveling or staying with family and feeling ‘unable to control’ what you eat and what your schedule is, or other people are sharing their unwarranted opinions? I have little doubt that you will encounter one or many of these challenges along the way, that’s why I am stressing to you that you must develop a BIG enough Why to support you through these times.

My personal Why is “to be able to run around with my grandchildren and meet my great-grandchildren, to share with them what Life was like in my day – the successes and the challenges. Mind you, I don’t even have children of my own yet at 34, so taking care of my body and mind, at this stage and onward, are of the utmost importance. I want to be the healthy vessel that carries my beautiful healthy children into the world, nourishing them every step of the way. I will make this happen.“

So what’s your Why?

Take some time, dig a little deeper, and really discover your personal Why. You know what it is, even if it feels like you don’t. Give yourself the space, away from your day-to-day, and let the words flow organically.

“Too much change that happens too rapidly can be overwhelming, so we try to manage our own empowerment by taking on only one challenge at a time. As we do, one by one, the changes we undergo form a pattern in our journey toward personal power.” – Caroline Myss

Step By Step – PPOA (Personal Plan of Action)

Breaking down your goals into smaller, achievable tasks

This is about making a list of small steps (the number of steps will vary dependent on the goal) that you can start doing now to work toward achieving your health goal. Be very specific with these steps. (for example: if better quality sleep is one of your goals – turn off the TV, phone and computer 2 hours before bed tonight.) Initially you may want to focus on one step per week. Continually move toward your goal.

Get a planner and start allotting time for these small steps. This has been an invaluable step for me. If I say, “I will go for a jog in the morning”, I can already hear the voices in my head saying, “…or I’ll just lie here a little longer and go after work” knowing full-well that I won’t have the energy or else some new excuse will arise. But once I put it into my planner, and devote a specific time to it, I am much more apt to follow through. We all have more time than we think we do.

Don’t forget, that “Change is constant.” Be ready to flow with it! There may be days where things just fall apart, no matter how prepared you are. That’s OK. Get up, brush off, and start anew.

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