Menu Plan #4

Wow, this month is flying by! Two Sister’s parents are coming in early February, so I am super excited about this, and it is my husband’s birthday at the beginning of the month! So much fun coming up in the next few weeks!

But, before we get to the next few weeks, I guess it is time for another menu plan – without further ado, here is Lil’ Sister’s Paleo Week 4 menu.

[Just a quick note: I am not sharing a few of the recipes, 1) because I am actually planning on creating a couple this week; 2) because I am recipe testing for a new cookbook coming out by Ginger Lemon Girl, so I have promised to not share them with ANYONE, and that includes you. I know, so sad… but at least it will give you ideas!

Week of January 22nd – Menu Plan

SundayPaleo pizza with sausage and veggies. I use this recipe for my crust, make my own sauce with tomatoes, herbes de provence and garlic, and throw whatever veggies and meat I happen to have in the refrigerator. I am surprised that cheese seems like it just wouldn’t even fit on a pizza like this. I know, sacrilege!

Monday – Crockpot Tomato Braised Pork (this is one of those recipes I can’t share, but that you should be able to find in the cookbook coming out by Ginger Lemon Girl soon!)

TuesdayPaleo Blackened Salmon with braised greens

Wednesday – Chili made with beef and chorizo (I am going to be creative here and try to come up with a new recipe… if it’s good, I’ll share it later!)

ThursdayBacon Crock Pot Roast with mashed cauliflower and greens. Okay, so this is my husband’s favorite dish lately, and he is good at making it. So, since he has the day off… he gets to cook!

Friday – Turkey Meatballs with a Tangy Apricot Sauce (this is another one of those recipes I can’t share, but that you should be able to find in the cookbook coming out by Ginger Lemon Girl soon!)

Saturday – Leek and Butternut Squash Soup with Roasted Venison Tenderloin (this is inspired by a great dinner with friends we had this week… can’t wait to play around and have another creativity day… again, if they turn out good, I’ll share the recipe!)

Enjoy your week of food… I know I will!

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5 Responses to Menu Plan #4

  1. Kelly Goffigan says:

    Thanks so much for posting these meal plans. I have been trying a lot of the recipes, and the whole family loves them!

  2. Kelly says:

    My husband raved about the Seriously Tasty Paleo Meatloaf and the Boeuf Bourguignon. I have enjoyed everything I have made so far- the mushroom stuffed chicken (I didn’t have hazelnuts), salmon cakes, blackened salmon, and the slow cooker pulled pork were great as well!

    • That’s great to hear Kelly! Food can be so enjoyable and bring people together! It sometimes takes a little experimentation but we eventually find our way 🙂

    • Kelly! We LOVE the Seriously Tasty Paleo Meatloaf too! It will definitely be making many comebacks in our weekly menus. I actually just made a batch and threw it in the freezer for busy days! So glad you have enjoyed them all. I am somewhat picky when it comes to choosing my recipes, so I am glad that your family is enjoying them just as much as we do!
      Smiles –
      Lil’ Sis

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