Meet Us

Since we don't have any decent recent photos of the two of us, we thought we'd entertain you with an oldie, but goodie!

Welcome to Two Sisters Gluten Free! This all started when my sister, Marissa, got sick of dealing with chronic digestive, reproductive and muscular symptoms and went through a frustrating (ultimately rewarding) sequence of cleanses, diets and supplements trying to regain her health. Finally, through her education and training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and doing some extreme dietary experimenting on her own, she discovered that she had food intolerances (gluten and dairy) that she hadn’t known about. As her brain fog lifted and her confining symptoms were relieved, she realized that she was on to something special!

It took her awhile to convince me, Alena, to try an elimination diet to see if I too had food intolerances. With much guidance and support, I journeyed into 3 months of an elimination diet. Through this, I was able to discover that I too was intolerant to gluten and dairy (as well as corn, soy and excess sugar). When my headaches disappeared and the edema in my legs went away, I was amazed. Looking back on it (and when I slip up), I realize how much inflammation was affecting my body; I am so grateful to her for helping me learn about food allergies and intolerances.

Now, we two sisters are undertaking a new adventure – Two Sisters Gluten Free! Please join us in learning more about gluten and allergy-free living, sharing research, recipes and joyful, vibrant life!


7 Responses to Meet Us

  1. Congrats to you both on your journey to good health and your new blog! Looking forwad to your posts! 🙂


    • Thank you so much Shirley! It is a great journey toward optimal health and LIFE indeed! We’re looking forward to sharing in this journey with all of you wonderful GF bloggers as well! 🙂 Thanks for the support!

  2. So nice meeting you at Expo West. I will enjoy reading your blog posts! Good luck!

  3. Diane Sheppard says:

    I will definitely be following you and will pass your site on to my gluten free and just plain “wanna be healthy” friends. Hope to catch up with you this summer!

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