Lil’ Sister

I have always known that eating a healthy, whole food based diet is good for us. I did not know how much making the wrong food choices can harm us. I was blown away by the disappearance of symptoms that I didn’t even realize were not normal (or at least not healthy); headaches, stomachaches, bloating, edema, congestion, fatigue. I thought it was fairly normal for a person’s ankles to swell up each day (it wasn’t a huge amount, just enough for me to notice) – I thought it was just the effect of gravity pulling that little bit of fat from my legs down toward my feet. I know – laugh at the silly girl; I didn’t know any better. It was my only explanation for what I was noticing in my body. When I started on my elimination diet, and the 10 pounds of chronic inflammation I was holding on to melted away like butter on a hot summer day, I didn’t even know what to think.

I started researching and digging into food allergies and intolerances and began learning all about concepts that I hadn’t even heard about. I was downhearted when I learned about the true state of our “health” care and food systems. My passion was ignited. Even though I already have my Masters degree in Public Health and am a Certified Health Education Specialist, I am now studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I have always considered  myself a foodie, now I think I might be a food fanatic!

Abundance and Health is yours,


3 Responses to Lil’ Sister

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve gotcha bookmarked! Still struggling with things myself; however, it’s not that I still don’t know, it’s that I know and I’m subjecting myself to it. 😦 Try, try, try. Why is it that some of us suject ourselves to torture? I’ve thought about calling you the last few days, for support. Why can’t I give up the things that stir my system? It’s not having the healthy relationship with food that I need.

    Through this all, the only time I felt REALLY good, is when I fasted for 3 days and took Nystatin. Now of course, a person can’t stay on that, but also a person can’t stay in this misery either. Gotta get it at some point. Hope connecting with you both will be of help. Thanks to you both lovely ladies!

  2. Thanks for sharing Jen, and please give me a call! I will be your support anytime you need it! I had to use Marissa quite a bit, and still do, as my support! I still go through it myself, especially with the overeating, and the occasionally dairy and too much sugar, which just sends me into a downward spiral! But – we all get there eventually, and it takes those down moments to keep ourselves going and remind ourselves what our health is really worth! I believe in you Jen, and I know that you can do it. Call me soon, and we can talk some more… if not, I’ll be calling you!!!

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