Big Sister

   Over the past few years, I had started to notice certain digestive and reproductive symptoms as well as various aches and chronic tension in various parts of my body.  At first, this all seemed rather mild and I didn’t really grasp the importance in addressing it, nor was I really understanding just how intertwined all of them were.  The most frustrating and disconcerting of the symptoms, was the brain fog.  I really felt as though I was losing my mind at times; I couldn’t find the right word suddenly or I simply couldn’t articulate it – it would come out somewhat slurred or backwards.  I was incredibly forgetful – moreso than normal.       

   As time went on and the symptoms became more prevalent, I realized that I had to do something different.  I tried various cleanses, diets, supplements – all to no avail.  Through my training and education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as working with a chiropractor and doing some more extreme dietary experimenting of my own, I’ve finally come to a place where many of these symptoms are gone.  I have discovered a few food intolerances (gluten and dairy) that I hadn’t known about. I also have come to realize how these were the biggest contributors to the majority of my symptoms.  My biggest relief came within the first couple weeks of this major dietary shift – the brain fog dissipated!  I remember talking one day with someone and suddenly stopping mid-sentence, in awe of the eloquence with which I was able to deliver what I’d been saying.  The intense joy I feel now that I am free of that confinement is truly priceless!      

I’ve continually committed myself to better understanding the language of my body – to find the best way to truly nourish it on ALL levels. I’ve built a more supportive, nurturing, foundation within other areas of my life so that as I make changes to my “diet,” I am able to move through them with more ease and grace now.  I continue to research vigorously about the digestive system and gluten intolerance and many other related issues in hopes to better understand my own body as well as to better support those whom I will reach with my work as an Integrative Wellness Coach with Hand IN Hand Wellness. I continue to embrace my gluten free lifestyle acknowledging each obstacle as it comes and working through it with respect to my timing and readiness!

I am currently studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as well as attending Functional Medicine Seminars through Apex Energetics here in San Diego.

I hope to always be an eternal student of Life!

Blessings In Health and Life,


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